Welcome to ‘Highland Crafters’.

Let me tell you a little about the aims of Highland Crafters and the brand we are trying to build.

Our aims are to recognise, celebrate and promote textile craft and design skills within the wider crafting community in Scotland and beyond.  We intend to function as an enterprising learning community where new and experienced textile makers can exchange knowledge, share expertise, post patterns and make new friends globally.  We aspire to protect and promote the heritage of textiles.  Concentrate in nurturing and raise      awareness of skills and knowledge that would otherwise be forgotten.  We strive to act as an enterprising collective where individuals work together to build an exclusive branded collection of textile products for sale.

Our product identity encompasses two very distinctive looks. One inspired by the texture and colours seen within the natural environment and the other inspired by urban design.  Both composed of a collective mix of period decoration and vintage chic.

We are looking to recruit active team players and followers who are eager to support our initiative and make it grow.  We look forward to developing our enterprise as a global online community.

The photo’s below of our mood boards give an indication of what we are looking for.

We have some designs that have been knitted up by some lovely local knitters and have been modelled by a gorgeous girl Alison met at a train station.  Alison did the photography herself and the resulting photo’s are beautiful.

Photography by www.aliswoods.co.uk