While our online shop is still in development and as our proposed spring launch draws ever nearer, we’d like to take this opportunity to inform you of the progress of our vintage cardigan range.

Alis was inspired to create this collection due to her fondness of the old-style silhouette. Through knitting a replica of an original pattern, the resulting garment was found to be far too small to comfortably fit the shape of a modern woman. For this reason, Alis enlisted the help of Adrienne- a technical editor with design know-how based in America.
journey of cardigans

vintage inspiration

These images successfully outline the inspiration behind the collection while showing a strong development from Alison’s original sketches. Those who wish to create these cardigans themselves will have the option to buy the following patterns as a stand-alone pattern as well as in kit form. The high button round cardigan with decorative yolk detail can also be knitted as a plain body shape. We also have the v-neck button cardigan with fairisle shoulder detail. These patterns will be featured on the Highland Crafters Ravelry shop, on Etsy and on the Highland Crafters website.

Fairisle cardigan development

stitch pattern development

The fair isle stitch texture is modern re-work of a pattern from times gone by. Alis particularly likes the birds-eye effect. The patterns have been designed using a luxury 4ply Scottish spun supersoft lambswool. This yarn comes in an abundant amount of subtle colour variations inspired by the surrounding Scottish landscape. Alison and Adrienne bounced ideas around. Working from afar does have its own set of challenges however because you are working from digital images which makes design problem-solving more challenging than working face to face.

puff shoulder detail
Adrienne’s work in-progress- a very elegant puff shoulder detail.

The collaboration between Alison and Adrienne can often be made difficult by the thousands of miles of ocean that separate them, but they make it work because they share the same vision have the same goal- to bring Highland Crafters the success it deserves.

We will of course keep you posted on the development of all of our collections and when they will be on sale.