We hoped that by divulging some interesting stories of the creations currently in production at Highland Crafters, we would help to inform our supporters by reinforcing love and effort that is goes into developing the range. The makers and designers at Highland Crafters have a love for nature and the colours/patterns of the countryside. This has brought together a likeminded group of individuals from across the globe, all working together in order to develop a coherent branded range.

Highland Crafters has steadily developed into an international design team that communicates online, working effectively within the social media landscape. Not to worry though! Of course, our main base is still and always will be in the Scottish Highlands. The designing, making, pattern drafting, tech editing, typing and formatting of patterns is carried out by multiple individuals all working in collaboration with one other.

Maryanne is presently designing and making a beautiful baby carrier. Based in the U.S., living amongst the hills and forest landscape offers great inspiration for her knitting. Alison and Maryanne have become great friends and have spent many hours working on an extensive baby range. A baby/infant range is in the making and a small selection of the patterns will be ready very shortly to purchase.

Let me tell you more about the design process.

Hooded baby-carrier


Design Inspiration

The design idea came from a riverside stroll, allowing some time to ponder the potential of adding a baby carrier to the range. The way the light was playing across the water caught Maryanne’s eye as she watched the lights and darks in a dreamlike daze. She wanted a stitch to capture this vision and thought seed stitch would work well.

A barge was moving up river and she got to thinking about the heavy cabled ropes used on ships…hence the braid. She visualised the image of heavy ropes loosely intertwined across the ship’s deck and at the same time wanted the braid to have the rhythm of a ship’s movement on the water. This particular braid encapsulated both elements successfully.

Maryanne said, ”Sometimes it’s hard to translate the original inspiration into a stitch pattern or patterns. It’s kind of like translating a language when a word in one language has no real equivalent in the other language. Design has its own language”.

The Hudson River was originally known as the North River, so it was decided the working title of the piece is North River Baby Carrier.

Decisions, Decisions in the making

Toing and throwing, emails sent back and forth, discussions and debates ongoing. Maryanne was creatively free to express her ideas as she saw fit.

The makers and designers at Highland Crafters are part of a design team coordinated by Alison. She encourages people to work to their strengths, giving them the creative freedom to push the parameters of their expertise. Every pattern states their story and tells the story of their skill and inspiration. Alison enjoys seeing the collection coming together knowing it is a true bringing together of a collaboration of skills and expertise from great makers some of which remain behind closed doors never to have their story told. Maryanne is an accomplished designer and manufacturer with an established profile. Please take a look at her fantastic blog which documents the everyday trials and tribulations of the making of this piece. Please check it out. We would love to hear your comments if you have a moment to spare.


Some rough sketches of Alison and Maryanne’s ideas.

Maryanne’s development swatches and Randi her little Bichon friend.

We will keep you posted regarding how the pattern develops and when it will be on sale.