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The Victorian Baby Coat is finally complete.

victorian baby coat z

While I am pleased with the knitting, I am drop dead crazy over the buttons I found for the coat. They go perfectly.

victorian baby coat buttons

The weather has been less than cooperative, but I decided to take the photos with the camera that hates me anyway.

victorian baby coat cables

I can see this coat on a little girl with long, curly red hair and freckles on her nose. She is wearing Buster Brown and Tige shoes, and her tights crinkle at her knees.

This imagined little girl has stayed with me from the moment I started tech editing the coat to completing the knitting. Rarely do I knit up what I tech edit. But I had to knit this.

Today I am going to spend some time with my sketch pad and try to capture her on paper wearing the coat, of course.

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