Welcome to ‘Highland Crafters’, a new and exciting textile initiative which is based in Inverness, Scotland.

The aims of Highland Crafters are to recognise, celebrate and promote textile craft and design skills within the wider crafting community in Scotland and beyond.

We will function as an enterprising learning community where new and experienced textile makers can exchange knowledge, share expertise, post patterns and make new friends globally.

Highland Crafters will work towards protecting and promoting the heritage of textiles.  It will concentrate in nurturing and raise awareness of skills and knowledge that would otherwise be forgotten.

We will act as an enterprising collective where individuals work together to build an exclusive branded collection of textile products for sale.

Highland Crafters is the brainchild of Alison Woodside who is an art and design lecturer.  Alison was previously an industrial knitwear designer and has 1o years experience with the Scottish Borders cashmere industry.

If you would be interested in being a part of this exciting enterprise or would like further information, please contact Alison at:  enquiries@highlandcrafters.co.uk

All photography on this site, unless otherwise stated is by Alison.  (www.aliswoods.co.uk)


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