This is my new puppy, Mr Jack.  Mr Jack says Hi and welcomes you to Highland Crafters.  He says that his Yorkshire terrier harness bought from TK Maxx no longer fits.  “I can barely get it over my head”. Jack says he needs a new one made. This is a great product idea that should definitely be part of the collection.  Made in tweed is probably the way to go.

We now have 5 members of our design team at:

Mr Jack says Hi

Mr Jack says Hi

Members agree the idea of us all working together to create a dog coat and coordinated collection is absolutely hilarious.  Feel free to join in for a bit of a giggle.  Meet new friends, share ideas, learn new skills or work towards making hard-core cash, the choice is yours. You will need to make a password to log in.

Our project will be delivered in stages.  I have included a post to show the stages.  Please email me at if you have ideas or feel free to run ahead.  I will have a pro board set up tomorrow evening where you can start sharing and laughing.